AABEAT leverages the leading industry technologies with multi-vendor approach solutions to provide advanced capabilities that allow businesses to increase their network performance to levels previously not possible.

AABEAT experts have decades of experience deploying advanced network infrastructure solutions. We specialize in designing and implementing core voice and data networks utilizing traditional routing and switching technologies as well as advanced security, remote access routers, wireless/mobility networks:

  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
  • WAN Optimization
  • Latest IPS/IDS Firewall Technology
  • 24X7 SMNP Network and Health Monitoring


Virtualization can significantly reduce your costs on facilities space, power consumption, cooling, and hardware, simplify administration and maintenance, and give you a greener IT profile. Data Center Virtualization covers virtualizing servers, networks, and storage delivering server consolidation, CAPEX savings, IT agility, and improved management.

AABGM Data Center architects have the necessary experience and skillsets to design a solution that best fits your infrastructure’s requirements. They have designed, implemented, and supported full scale deployments for various business verticals including financial, hotel and hospitality, health care, and educational many more.

• Desktop Virtualization
• Data Center and Cloud (DCV)
• Software-Define Data Center (SDDC)

Security breaches and cyber-attacks cost can be staggering loss of revenue, recovery costs, and potential the survivability of your business. Traditional security practices aren’t enough to safe guard what are most important to your company’s bottom dollar. Few enterprises possess the resources to meet these challenges. Traditional security practices are not sufficient to combat the growing sophistication and creativity of a new generation of international hackers and cyber-criminals.

AABGM helps you establish technical and non-technical cyber security controls and practices. This allows you to prevent, detect, correct, and minimize the risk of loss or damage to information resources, disruption of access to information resources, and unauthorized disclosure of information. We help you achieve this by designing, implementing and maintaining a range of sound information security solutions:

  • Cyber Security Strategy
  • Cyber Security Assessments
  • Cyber Security Architecture
  • Network Security
  • Data Security
  • Identity Management & Access
  • Security Management & Compliance
  • Secure Mobile Infrastructure
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Incident Response Plan

Our Approach

The use of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies (SMAC) is already enabling visionary enterprises to work in more collaborative and real-time ways. Cognizant Mobility offers a portfolio of tools and services to develop enterprise mobility strategies so you can create a mobile enterprise that capitalizes on new business models, innovates products and services and unlocks workforce productivity. With technology expertise and industry knowledge, our mobility consultants will work with you to develop your organization’s mobile blueprint and implement across a diverse range of mobile platforms and devices.

Strategy and Consulting

Work with our mobility advisory services team and develop a sound strategy to achieve your enterprise mobility goals.

Centrally Managed Cloud Wifi Services

Our managed services help you accelerate deployment of mobile technology through cloud-enabled, “pay as you go” services for a predictable fixed fee. We use our enterprise mobility partners Aerohive, Aruba, and Meraki to achieve such the successful and secure deployment of such solutions.

Wifi Delivery Services

Reinvent the way you design and develop custom mobile applications—from UI design and testing, to data integration and security.

  • Enterprise Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
  • Wireless Site Surveys / RF Predictions
  • Wireless Systems & Data Integration
  • Mobility Design & Deployment
  • Microwave / LTE solutions
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Cloud
  • BYOD (Bring your own device) security
  • Mobile Remote Monitoring and Provisioning

Why an Enterprise Social Platform?

A Social World

These days, every application and website integrates a social layer. The social graph and activity streams are central to enterprise collaboration. IT organizations must have a solution.

Social is Enterprise Ready

Consumers have already transformed enterprise users’ practices and processes. A social platform must be secure and robust. It must be standard, leverage IT investments and be professionally supported.

Social is Open and Affordable

Nobody wonders whether they should deal with social any more, but how. It is essential to build a social platform with no liability and no vendor lock-in. The ideal platform in a commodity world should be open source and affordable.

SM Solutions Include:

  • Digital Media Signage
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Mobile advertising
  • Push / Pull Content


Modern business communication demands a robust, efficient, resilient, and cost saving solutions that will meet and exceed your business requirements.  AABGM will help you consolidate these proven solutions by integrating your desktop computer, cell phones, voice mail, email, instant messaging, audio and web conference meeting scheduler, and much more. When these tools are integrated into a system that allows easy flow of communication among devices, it’s called unified communications and collaboration, or UCC.

AABGM offers unified communication and collaboration solutions; we have UCC experts who will provide current voice infrastructure current status analysis free of charge.  We will work your team to systematically review telecom invoices, telecom carriers, and internet service provider to help your company save and reduce costly telecom expenditures.  We will also provide a free full scale voice/data/security infrastructure assessment, cost analysis, and design to help your company achieve and exceed your expectation.  All of our voice solutions can be expanded into full and feature-rich UCC solutions that will help your achieve your goal.

We can provide multiple UCC solution options:

  • Secured hosted off-premise solution (Solution as a Service)
  • Secured On-Premise solution in your data center
  • Combination of secured On-Premise and Off-Premise
  • Secured Off-Premise to Off-Premise (DR solution strategy)

Our solutions adhere to industry standards and best practices. We offer the highest reliability and unprecedented freedom and flexibility.

  • Cisco/Microsoft Unified IP Communications
  • Legacy to IP Phone Systems Integration
  • Billback & Tenant/Guest Applications
  • Call Center Environments

AABGM Technology solutions Inc. specializes in the deployment of high performance infrastructure and multi – tenancy solutions to the hospitality and high rise industry. Our ‘integrated’ best of breed approach allows us to provide hotels and commercial buildings a cost effective, yet robust platform that is secure, scalable, and easily managed within all aspects of IT.

AABGM has expertise throughout thE Data Center with a strong focus on optimization technologies to improve IT Performance, lower IT Costs, while of course enhancing security and efficiency within the network. This Strategic Multi-vendor approach allows us to provide a portfolio of integrated solutions and services across the worlds’ leading IT partners.

AABGM architectural and deployment teams consists of senior certified IT industry professionals with over (30) years of expertise in the following areas:

Solutions & Services:

  • Unified Collaboration
  • Social Media Solution
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Security Strategy Solutions
  • Network Optimization
  • Virtualization
  • Managed Services
  • Consulting & Professional Services
  • Green IT Strategies

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