Secure your business information and productivity

We want to keep our data secure and private, but without even knowing it, it’s being tracked behind our backs. Here’s the deal… we have a huge hypocrisy with data privacy and a complete ignorance of the amount of personal data being collected. Venerable is perfectly positioned to assist clients with their data security, privacy, and intellectual property needs from its base of operations in the corridor of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia, the epicenter of Cybersecurity & Privacy in the United States.

All other businesses that:   

  • Maintain substantial proprietary information and intellectual property on information systems, whether internal or outsourced;
  • Contract with, or are otherwise in the supply chain for, “critical infrastructure” businesses or the government, and therefore need to keep pace with the evolving requirements for the critical infrastructure;
  • Are already subject to state or federal regulatory requirements pertaining to information security (e.g., financial services, health care, education);
  • Are critically dependent upon the security of their data and information systems to operate and maintain business continuity, or For computational, risk management and brand-protection reasons, seek to limit their exposure to public data breach and cyber-hacking incidents.

Today, creating a truly secure organization requires access to highly specialized knowledge, intelligence, and expertise in order to stay at least one step ahead of the evolving risks. Because Praetorian is an authority on information security, your business can leverage our subject matter expertise to solve these challenging business problems.

Businesses in economic sectors identified by the government as “critical infrastructure”, include public utilities, defense contractors, health care, manufacturers, technology companies, banking and financial services companies and transportation businesses.

A cybersecurity and privacy breaches can strike an organization at any time. The loss of intellectual properties, customer data, and other sensitive information, and resultant business operations disruption, can cause severe financial and reputation damages.

AABGM‘s Cybersecurity & Privacy has a team of experienced investigative, computer forensic, and risk management experts that can help organizations prevent and detect cyber threats and respond effectively to data breaches.

Cybersecurity and privacy strategy should support the business strategy. Our approach considers the impact across an organization and industry regulations, and leverages our breadth of experience. Our services include:

    • Forensic incident response (IR) investigations
    • IR planning
    • Data privacy and information security assessments
    • Compliance testing and consulting
    • Controls remediation services
    • Breach recovery and ongoing monitoring services